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Soup anyway.

Hello all.  Another quick, random post.  I am working on a more meaty post which I will hopefully have up tomorrow.

Recently, I have tried out some squares from the Jan Eaton book, 200 Crochet blocks with some springy colours from my Stylecraft Special DK stash.  The colours go well together but just don’t ‘do it’ for me.  I enjoyed the practice, however, and shall be looking around for some suitable yarn and colour combos for this summer 🙂

Jan Eaton's fabulous book '200 crochet blocks'.

Jan Eaton's fabulous book '200 crochet blocks'.

My stash of Stylecraft Special DK.

How drool-worthy. Mine, all mine!








Doesn’t it look delish?  It’s a double layer too, so more yummy colours await each time I take one out.

Lunch today was lovely and peaceful.  I’m alone in the house, as it is school holidays, so I am making the most of the quiet.

New Covent Garden soups are my favourite if I haven’t made my own.  The next best thing.  Now the supermarkets are getting the idea and some of their own-brand fresh soups are lovely!  I’ve been experimenting with some of them.

Of course, nothing beats homemade.  But now that the weather is beginning to turn, I am less likely to make big pots of soup.   I will have a bowl or two anyway, despite the weather.  I love soup!

Minestrone in the making.

Soup making of winter's past. I love it!

Summer is here.  Salads are the thing.  And BBQs.  In a way it’s a shame, as I love the smell of fresh soup simmering on the hob or the sight of all those lovely fresh vegetables and herbs all chopped up on the counter top ready for the pot!  A lot of work, but worth it.

I was taught to make soup by my Grandmother (a 5ft Glaswegian woman with a heart of gold and very particular and traditionally scottish food tastes).  I branched out a bit while at university and started making soups that my Granny wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.  They didn’t all work.  But the ones that did I will make over, and over again!

Now I am all hungry again.  I’m off to put the dinner on.


Too many babies

…not enough time.

All my friends seem to be having twins right now.  It’s very inconsiderate of them.  Still, it has given me a way to use up some stash yarn and explore lovely new patterns.  I am particularly liking the spiral granny square and I have been experimenting with using several different versions.  It is great fun and particularly rewarding because you don’t have to keep changing your yarn every few rows.  It’s a quick pattern and extremely satisfying.  Take a look at these two (the pink one is a work in progress) baby blankets, made using soft Stylecraft Special DK.  Scrummy aren’t they?  I love squishing them.  They are very squishable!  I may just have to make myself one when I am done.

Spiral baby blanket 01

Spiral Baby Blanket 02

Spiral Baby Blanket 03

And here are some yummy pictures of the garden/early summer sky.  These past few weeks have been lovely.

Oh, and do you smell dinner? Lamb shanks slow cooked in red wine with onions, carrots and fresh herbs.  It was TASTY!

And some late spring/early summer blooming!  It’s sooooo beautiful to see everything coming to life and bursting with colour.

Right!  That’s enough for one post.  Back soon with a little more fashion and some more crochet/yarn.

Pottering in the garden…

…for the first time this year. Finally the weather is nice enough. Still a bit nippy, but the sunshine was glorious and my poor Bay Tree desperately needed re-potting. It has been sitting patiently in the conservatory, soaking up what little sun there has been for the winter, and getting watered only when Mummy remembered. Which I don’t, very often. Still, it is now cosy and happy in lots of lovely new dirt, and has been watered well. New shoots are starting to come up and new leaves: it has a growth spurt about this time every year, which I look forward to. Unfortunately, as I transfer it outside during the summer (too hot in the conservatory for anything living) it managed to catch bugs. And weeds. So it has been quite poorly. I have sprayed it and removed the damaged leaves. I have high hopes of its recovery. It’s a sturdy little plant!

Re-potted bay tree

Lovely new shoots on my tree!

I also added more fat balls to the bird feeder. Soon the little birdies won’t need me, which will be a bit of a shame, as I like seeing them flutter around the feeder cage every now and then.

Spring has sprung on the driveway as well!  I took these after a shopping trip to Tesco.  How exciting to see all the flowers out in the sunshine!

Spring on the drivewaySpring on the driveway 2

I was persuaded by a lovely lady in Sainsburys yesterday to try a new Smirnoff Lime drink – which you can drink neat on ice or with a mixer.  It’s 14%, so with a mixer it is not as strong as, say, a gin and tonic.  But it has a very sharp lime flavour which was gorgeous and refreshing with a tonic this afternoon in the sunshine.   I had to take a hammer to the ice in the freezer though.  It hasn’t been used in so long all the cubes had stuck together!

Right!  I’m off to check on the roast.  I have a new crochet post for you soon.  Yarn porn.  Love it, love it, love it!