The Samsung Saga and Hever Castle

Well, after getting all excited about the idea of having a new phone that would let me take pictures and upload them directly to the web, I was very disappointed to discover that the phone was ‘locked’ when it arrived.  It had been advertised as SIM free and unlocked, but it was definitely a T-Mobile phone.  As I had just purchased an annual Orange contract, we had to send the phone back.  Boooo!

So we ordered the phone from another retailer.  What a waste of time that was.  They promised 2-4 days delivery.  Two weeks later, still no phone.  And their customer service was rubbish.  So we cancelled that.

Finally, after paying quite a bit more than we wanted to, I got my birthday present.  A Samsung Galaxy SII in white.


Yesterday gorgeous bf and I went to Hever Castle as part of the Jubilee weekend.  I took my sparkly new phone with me and began testing out the camera and various photo apps I had downloaded.  I really like the retro look of some of these.  My gorgeous bf was very patient with me while I played around with it.

Retro image of Hever Castle

Hever Castle was the childhood home of Anne Boleyn

It’s a surprisingly small castle.  But worth a visit.  Shame the weather was so grim and cold.  After all the lovely sunshine we had the week before, it reverted to early March weather overnight and has stayed that way.  Boo!

Hever castle

See.  My phone works.  YAY for photo-upload ability! (And funky, random effects that I will probably get bored of soon…)

A bridge on the grounds of Hever Castle

Such a cool phone.  And a great day out.

So it was worth the wait.


Discussion welcome!

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