Tea and ripple

I was going to take some more pictures today, but the clouds are grey and the weather dreary and miserable.  I’m staying indoors as much as possible with a hot cup of tea and a blanket.

So I added a new colour to my ripple.  It’s to stretch over the bed and down the sides, so it is a nice, snuggly width.  I am using Stylecraft Special DK and the pattern is from Attic 24.  Isn’t it coming along nicely?  I am about 12 rows in.  And aiming for about 50, so I still have a lonnnnng way to go!

Here’s the next tin due a re-cover.  It’s currently keeping a lovely crysanth. alive, so I won’t touch it until the flower passes away.  Isn’t it a gorgeous colour?!  Meanwhile I can think of some ideas for my second crochet tin.  I am thinking colourful this time.  Something summery to brighten up my mood.  What do you think?  Something multi-coloured with flowers on?  Or something plain with lots of bright buttons?

Maybe I need to eat more tuna…


Discussion welcome!

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