Raspberry update.

Some progress on the Raspberry Lace shawl.

A summer dress I am looking forward to wearing as the weather gets warmer.  I pulled it out of the ‘summer-wear’ stash last week and it’s been staring at me from the hanger ever since.  It even has pockets.

Of course you can’t use them!  It distorts the dress.

My beautiful Debbie Bliss Andes stash.  About £90 worth.  What to do, what to do, what to do.

Pile it all up and stare at it.

Take photos.

Hug and squish it.  And put it back in its bag until some inspiration strikes…


2 responses to “Raspberry update.

  1. Greetings We-Love-Lucy Swap Partner!! I think we’re going to have a fun swap as I love all the stuff on your blog! Love your dress, and ADORE your shawl, and am drooling over your yarn stash of Andes!

    Hugs from Oregon.. Teresa

  2. Wow – the Raspberry shawl looks beautiful. I am in envy of your summer dress …. down here in Australia we are heading toward winter!! I am pulling out the woolens 🙂

    Great colour selection of the Andes you have there. It does look very huggable.

    Oh, I found you through the I love Lucy Ravelry group – and will be sure to visit again very soon. You have a lovely blog.

    aeonie 🙂

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