Pottering in the garden…

…for the first time this year. Finally the weather is nice enough. Still a bit nippy, but the sunshine was glorious and my poor Bay Tree desperately needed re-potting. It has been sitting patiently in the conservatory, soaking up what little sun there has been for the winter, and getting watered only when Mummy remembered. Which I don’t, very often. Still, it is now cosy and happy in lots of lovely new dirt, and has been watered well. New shoots are starting to come up and new leaves: it has a growth spurt about this time every year, which I look forward to. Unfortunately, as I transfer it outside during the summer (too hot in the conservatory for anything living) it managed to catch bugs. And weeds. So it has been quite poorly. I have sprayed it and removed the damaged leaves. I have high hopes of its recovery. It’s a sturdy little plant!

Re-potted bay tree

Lovely new shoots on my tree!

I also added more fat balls to the bird feeder. Soon the little birdies won’t need me, which will be a bit of a shame, as I like seeing them flutter around the feeder cage every now and then.

Spring has sprung on the driveway as well!  I took these after a shopping trip to Tesco.  How exciting to see all the flowers out in the sunshine!

Spring on the drivewaySpring on the driveway 2

I was persuaded by a lovely lady in Sainsburys yesterday to try a new Smirnoff Lime drink – which you can drink neat on ice or with a mixer.  It’s 14%, so with a mixer it is not as strong as, say, a gin and tonic.  But it has a very sharp lime flavour which was gorgeous and refreshing with a tonic this afternoon in the sunshine.   I had to take a hammer to the ice in the freezer though.  It hasn’t been used in so long all the cubes had stuck together!

Right!  I’m off to check on the roast.  I have a new crochet post for you soon.  Yarn porn.  Love it, love it, love it!


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