Fiddling with the widgets.

Because that’s such a cool sentence it deserved its own post.

Isn’t it odd that people who have hobbies spend a large proportion of their hobby-time blogging/posting/reading about it online.  I have spoken to so many people who blog/post in forums about this hobby or that hobby and then complain that they haven’t “finished this project” or “had time to do that bit,” and not really put two-and-two together.

I’m one of them.

I spend a lot of time on ‘Ravelry’ looking at fabulous patterns and occasionally posting in the many, many forums.  I have a few blogs pinned to my Google homepage, so I can stalk them for new posts.  It’s all so exciting and yet my crochet/writing projects get put on the back-burner while I spend hours reading and looking at new patterns/yarn.

In fact, I have just pulled out a beautiful shawl I was making for last summer that I have yet to finish.  My Raspberry Lace shawl.  Raspberry Lace Shawl

I intend to get it done in time for this summer.  The shawl is based on Eva’s Shawl but will have an All Shawl border.  I used a picture of the Work In Progress (WIP) to make the current banner for the blog.  Isn’t it a gorgeous colour!?  It’s in lace-weight cashmere that was coned for machine use, so it has been oiled to make it easier to work with.  When I’ve finished it I can wash all the oil out and it will fluff up beautifully.  I am sooo looking forward to that moment.

Work in progress on my Raspberry Lace Shawl

Work in progress on my Raspberry Lace Shawl

Isn’t it scrummy?!  I’m using two strands, in slightly different shades, to give it more dimension.  But it has been a hard slog because each row gets longer and longer.  Hundreds and hundreds of tiny stitches per row and it is still going.  I can’t wait now to get it finished.  At least, from here, I shall have a different pattern to follow (the edging) and hopefully this will add a bit of interest to the work.

Raspberry Lacy Shawl

That is… if I have counted correctly and the pattern works.  If not, I shall be crying into a pint of cider and complaining woefully to my totally-disinterested family.


Discussion welcome!

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