No pastels here please

As usual I am inspired by the many cool people who knit and crochet across the web.  Their projects, patience, energy and creativity never cease to amaze me.

A friend in my knitting group has just popped twins.  So now I (and the rest of the group) find myself in panic mode.  Twins.  Both boys.  And we need to produce baby things.  We are, of course, her knitting and crochet group.  We couldn’t just ‘buy’ something, oh no.  We have to labour intensively over lengthly projects in baby-safe yarns that are machine washable.

I refuse to make anything in pastels.

Baby Blanket

So blanket number one has been started.  It’s using Lucy’s ‘Granny Stripe Blanket’ pattern from Attic24.  She is a star and a constant inspiration.

Baby Blanket

Not-a-pastel-baby blanket

I really love these colours!  They are so… perfect.  Particularly for this time of year, when the days are starting to lengthen and the sun is peaking out.  Fewer grey, miserable clouds.  Let’s celebrate with bright, colourful things.

Stylecraft Stash

Stylecraft Stash

What else could I do to celebrate spring?

Which reminds me. Note to self: re-pot bay tree.


Discussion welcome!

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