Procrastinating in so many ways

Starting a new blog… well, re-starting an old one because your last one failed.  Why?  You only posted two meaningless posts in about a year.  Deciding to really give it a go this time, as you have something to say.  Hobbies to talk about.  Crafts you are now quite good at and knowledgeable about.

So, full of drive and enthusiasm you spend two hours browsing themes, choosing one and setting it up. Fiddling with the widgets.  You then set up a folder on your desktop, with sub-folders for articles you may write (yes, really!) and photos/pictures you may use.

And finally you spend ten full minutes looking for a new icon for your blog folder because the standard Windows 7 folder icon does not ‘reflect’ your new enthusiasm for your blog.  It’s also not pretty enough.

Image of my pretty new Blog folder.

Can you tell I work in a primary school?

So, colourful new folder created – check.

Subfolders for work created and labelled – check.

Blog created and set up to look pretty – check.

Now you open up Microsoft Word.  Type “Blog Entries – the drafts.”  Date the first entry and go for a cup of tea.  Come back.  Close it all down.

….you’ll do it tomorrow.


Discussion welcome!

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